Artrank Fantasy League All Star Jersey, Wyatt Burns

$ 100.00

Dye-sublimation print on K-tex, Size Mens Medium.

Pick your art star! Choices are, Alex Israel, Artie Vierkant, Lucien Smith, Matt Sheridan Smith, Sebastian Black and Wyatt Kahn!!


Artrank is a service that aims to “quantify the emerging art market” through quarterly charts that rank young artists in six market categories. They sell “early access” to this data for $3,500 to ten people in the world.

This is a parallel to the model of fantasy sports. Participants build a virtual roster of actual players and bet on their success on the field. 

While athletes and artists both have complete agency to perform or create however they like on the court or in the studio, their brands will inevitably be used in tertiary economies of which they have no agency. In the case of athletes, this comes in the form of branded merchandise such as jerseys that bear their name and number. For artists, this takes the form of $3,500 spreadsheets.” - Wyatt Burns