$ 500.00

This Elephant Man body pillow is a great investment opportunity direct from artist Andrew Salomone. Joseph Merrick, better known as "The Elephant Man," had a rare condition that gradually disfigured his bones and skin. His head eventually became so heavy that he had to sleep sitting up to keep from suffocating, but when he died his body was found lying on a bed. The official cause of death was asphyxia and the doctor who performed the autopsy concluded that he must have tried to sleep lying down because he wanted to sleep like other people. Joseph Merrick never got to cuddle in bed with another person his entire adult life, so this body pillow is designed to mimic that experience. The fabric of the body pillow cover was produced using a hacked domestic electronic knitting machine, which can knit patterns made from digital image files. Although the digital technology used to create the design did not exist in Merrick’s time, the type of fabric created with the machine did exist, so this pillow also mimics the type of bedding one would have experienced in his time. The cover fits over a standard sized body pillow measuring approximately 20'' x 54"